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Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Aundh Pune
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Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Aundh

Why “Ayurprevencia Clinic” – Best Place for Ayurvedic Treatment in Aundh Pune

We boost your Health and Beauty with our wide array of Ayurved and Panchkarma Treatments.

Trusted since 20 years where most AFFORDABLE ayurvedic health care services are offered.

We strictly follow traditional methods in our clinic which is open Seven Days a Week.

We ensure quality and purity of treatments through Quick Plant Remedies with better palatability.

Dedicated team of doctors and therapists at our One Stop Clinic that is Check Up, Diagnosis, Medicines.

Peaceful area and tranquil environment with healing services at its best for everyone.

Rejuvenates and regenerates health and positivity with wide array of safe and high standard treatments.

For the prevention of diseases we provide season wise health alerts to patients.

We offer 50% discount in consulting fees for senior citizens ( above 65 yrs) from patient’s family.

We serve following Special Health Care Plans and tailor them according to the health condition of the patient.

# HopeLivesHere : General Health Plans which include Ayurvedic remedies, panchkarma treatments, life style changes, food stuff, yoga, preventive majors, etc.

# LifeBeginsAtForty - Solitary service in Pune to provide special care and medicines for Menopausal Women

# YourAppearanceMatters : Beauty enhancing plans add glamour and confidence to your skin, hair, beauty.

# ReliefAtLast: Plans for spondylosis, muscle and joint pain, frozen shoulder, special muscle and joint care treatments include correct diagnosis, pain management, motion and strength restoration, regimen and life style changes.

Dr. Anagha Kothadia is Pioneer of this Ayurprevencia Clinic.

Ayurprevencia Clinic - Ayurvedic Treatment and Panchkarma

Panchakarma is the foundation of the Ayurvedic management of disease which comes under category of Shodhan Treatment.

Panchakarma is the process, which eradicates the root cause of the diseases and re-establishes the required balance of doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha in the body. Panchakarma is effective for alleviating disease but is also a useful in maintaining excellent health. Ayurveda encourages undergoing Panchakarma at the seasonal changes in order to clean the body and improve the digestion and metabolic processes.

According to Acharya Charak there are two types of treatment,

Swasthasyorjskara – Treatment which tones up the health of healthy person.

Artasya rognut which eradicates the ailments.

Panchkarma plays major role in both the Swasthasyorskara and Artasya rognut treatments. Ayurprevncia clinic also conducts panchakarmas for three reasons one is for preventive purpose, second is as curative remedy and the last one is for conservation of health, organs after illness.

We manage various lifestyle diseases like diabetes, asthma, psoriasis, hypertension, obesity, stress disorder, arthritis, and depression etc with the help of panchakarmas. They are purifying, cleaning procedures which expels the vitiated doshas out of the body in a natural way and also are rejuvenating remedies to make the patient young and energetic again.

As prevention is better than cure hence we advice panchkarma for prevention of disease with proper diet (Pathyakara Aahara), lifestyle (Vihara ) with ayurvedic medicines which is effective and safe management of any disease.

Asthma / Tamak Shwasa is narrowing of airway causes dyspnoea, cough and wheezing. For asthma patients we suggest ingestion of certain medicated ghee for internal snehan purpose. These are administered in an increasing dosage schedule for 3 to 5 days.

Snehana plays important role in Asthma /Tamak Shwasa to minimize the symptoms and normalize the function of vitiated Vata. For external Snehan, we use Narayan Taila, Tila taila mixed with lavana massage on the chest to lose the tenacious sputum in the channels.

After Snehana we do Nadi, Prastara and Sankara type of Swedana with dashmoola kashaya to dissolve the cough in the channels of the circulation and softened thereby. Thus we use the potent remedy of snehan and swedan to reduce the bronchospasm. Vaman reduces the recurrence rates of asthmatic attacks.

At present, many chronic respiratory disorders are increasingly seen all over the world. Chronic bronchitis, asthma sometimes develops due to pollution and tobacco smoke. Ayurveda considers it as Tamaka Shwasa. Panchakarma treatments like Snehana, Swedana, Vamana, Virechana etc are effective and safe for management of Tamak Shwasa (Bronchial asthma).

Kampvat or Parkinson’s disease is a common neurodegenerative disease characterized by the presence of bradykinesia (slow movements), rigidity, resting tremor and postural instability. Basti treatment for more than 15 days reduces the intensity of all above symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. It thus helps to improve the quality of life. We conduct external snehan / abhyang with Kshirbala, Mahamash Oil, Dashamul nadi swedan and sets of Niruha and Anuloman Basti after that for 8 to 30 days.

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, especially among older people affecting over 15 million adults every year. It is a joint disease that mostly affects the cartilage. In osteoarthritis the surface layer of cartilage break down under and wears away. This allows bones under the cartilage to rub together, causing pain swelling and loss of motion of the joint.

Analgesic, anti inflammatory, steroids, which do not cure the disease but are only symptomatic. We advice external snehan, local basti, swedan treatment for joint pain, oedema, tenderness, restriction of joint movement, stiffness, local crepitation etc in our clinic. We also prescribe Guggul kalp for the same.

PCOS is a combination of cosmetic, gynecological and metabolic symptoms. In India 17.60 % women face hormonal associated risk with polycystic ovarian syndrome. No periods or irregular, infrequent, heavy periods immature ovarian eggs that do not ovulate, multiple cysts on your ovaries, difficulty in becoming pregnant are major symptoms. It includes many other symptoms regarding hair, skin, psychological symptoms and sleep disorders. Our Panchkarma unit conducts Abhyang, Udvartan, Swedan, and Basti treatment for 3 to 6 months. We use ayurvedic plants as dashamul, trifala, sahachar, kanchnar for preparing udvartan, oils, basti decoction.

Gridhrasi (sciatica) is one among Vata-vyadhi caused by aggravated Vata Doshas. It is characterized by burning, stinging or numbing pain that is felt in the buttock, thigh, leg or foot. We use ayurvedic palnts bala, shatavari, nirgundi, ashwagandha, erandmool for snehan, pind swed and basti treatment. Ayurprevencia panchakarma clinic conducts Patrapinda Swedana for 20 to 30 days and Madhutailik basti as Panchakarma procedure which are very useful in sciatica.

There are many more such conditions in which we recommend various panchkarmas treatment in our clinic at Aundh, Pune.

So, schedule your appointment to be healthy. Contact us at 9766707516 in advance to ensure we can accommodate your schedule. Specific types of appointments can be scheduled on the same day.