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About Us

Dr. Anagha Kothadia’s Herbal Concert is a well-known, genuine brand that offers herbal health, beauty, and wellness solutions. With the help of qualified professionals and cultivated technologies, premium-grade products are gleaned from natural herbs. These products are processed with the utmost care under the supervision of an expert team, assuring that our prominent clients receive high-quality remedies.

Experts have flourished these remedies using the perfect blend of herbs, as well as their extensive experience and passion for ayurveda. Products are certainly founded on age-old ayurvedic principles, with a personal touch and are fit for today's changing health conditions. With natural ingredients and mixtures, the company has touched many people's lives and has brought traditional health secrets into the hearts of every family. In 2008, the brand launched its breakthrough acne face pack- GET RID OF, which has now become a household name thanks to customers. Dr. Anagha Kothadia's Herbal Concert’s products are leading consumers on a natural voyage of health and beaut to help cure diversified health, skin, beauty and hair related problems.


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