P A N C H K A R M A   


Pradeha is a type of swedan or fomentation process. Warm and grinded paste of vatahar fresh leaves and roots with salts, some oil, amlakanji is applied and called as Pradeha.

It is a type of swedan - fomentation process described by Acharya Sushrut. This includes application of a warm herbal paste to any part of the body. Pradeha is applied locally in diseases like fever, skin diseases, oedema, piles, burning micturation, disuria and vata diseases.

Warm and grinded paste of fresh leaves and roots of vatahar herbs like Dashmool, Shatavari, Kulathha, Bala, Anup mansa etc is mixed with saidhav salts, some oil, amla kanji and is applied to joints for pain, oedema is called as Pradeha.


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