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Women Care

We're here for you at every stage. Women's health needs are complex and ever-changing. Herbal women care helps in making women stronger and healthier every day. We offer a full range of general and specialty services in Menarches, Menstrual Irregularities, PMSes (Premenstrual Syndrome), PMDDs (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) and Anti natal & Post natal and Menopausal stages. We treat normal pregnancy as well as abnormal anti natal conditions with herbs. Our postnatal help, tries to solve women's physical, mental and practical problems, which have a significant impact on their new and challenging roles as mothers.

Our Service also includes a special unit for midlife women. It evaluates and explores herbal therapies for menopausal symptoms with healthy lifestyle choices including a healthy diet regime, yoga and exercise. In addition, we provide guidance and support in navigating through the menopausal transition. Through a combination of herbal medicines, diet plans, Yoga-asanas, a specialized program is designed just for you.

A complete medical history and exam focuses on the woman's symptoms, medical history, risk factors, family history and personal preferences. Dr.Anagha includes her patients in all the aspects of their care and decision making, shares information and provides treatment recommendations in a caring atmosphere. She considers both the physical and emotional aspects of mature women, and emphasizes on healthy lifestyle choices to promote and maintain the quality of life.