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Hair Care

We are a full service clinic that specializes in custom Hair conditioning, Hair Nourishments, Herbal Hair rinses, Hair masks, Shirodhara and provide a cure for Hair Loss, Infected hair, Dandruff, Hair breakage, Split ends, Skin infections , Dry, inflamed, oily scalp conditions and other Abnormal hair conditions etc. We also feature hair care products.

Hair loss is caused due to many reasons. We check hair loss and allow hair to grow luxuriously, enhancing your looks and increasing your self-confidence.


Ayurvedic Hair Care Treatment in Pune

Ayurvedic hair care includes many interesting routines to be followed by everyone. Many of these practices depends on the season (Rutus) and are subtly interwoven with daily routine (Dinacharya). Speciality of the hair treatment in ayurveda is, they are long lasting and safe.

There is a great demand for natural hair treatment in pune. People do perms, straightening and hair dying and develop dry, damaged and broken hair, but they are getting aware of the ill effects of chemical products and are interested in natural, ayurvedic products to gain a health and beauty. Traditional ayurvedic treatments are vitally important and safer while achieving beauty and health related goals.

Hair care in ayurveda consists of promotion of hair growth and volume, prevention of hair fall, enhancement of hair luster, hair loss treatments, natural hair dying, prevention of premature graying, hair wash with natural ingredients etc.

Hair loss, or alopecia, affects many people of all ages. For some, hair loss is hereditary and occurs as a natural part of aging. In others, hair loss may be a sign of an underlying medical condition. Forty percent of women have visible hair loss by the time they are 40. After menopause, that number increases even more. Hair loss in women can be absolutely ravaging for self-confidence, self-image and emotional well-being. Hair loss in women is a life-altering condition. Ayurprevencia Clinic doesn’t ignore the hair loss and premature graying of hair, although they are not life threatening conditions, but it diagnoses and treats them sincerely in the best traditional way.

Ayurprevencia Clinic provides the best doctor for hair treatment in pune. Ayurvedic hair ( care ) doctors at Ayurprevencia take detailed case history to know the complaints and prakruti of the patients. It offers best Ayurvedic Hair Treatment in Pune and is recognized as the best hair fall clinic in pune.

Nowadays people are becoming more conscious about their beauty as evident from the increased number of various cosmetic products and related advertisements. Ayurprevencia Clinic is associated with extensive Hair Treatment in Pune and has formulated many hair care, hair loss and dandruff remedies. The clinic manufactures the classical Ayurvedic formulations which are nowadays getting converted to the various modern forms like creams and ointments.

Clinic treats the hair ailments with the medicines which ayurvedic texts have described in the form of oral medicines like powders, tablets, decoction, paste, leha, syrup etc and local applications like herbal pastes, hair oils, hair rinsing liquids, dry powder applications and hair wash.

Ayurprevencia doctors have formulated the medicines from variety of plants like jeshthamadha, nagarmotha, neem, rose petals, heena, nirgundi, sahachar, triphala, bala, jatamansi, etc. Keeping in mind the need and severity of complaints of the patients, they prescribe them as hair care treatment.

No More Loss is a hair loss ayurvedic oil while Just Bloom is prescribed as ayurvedic hair conditioner . Both are developed by ayurprevencia clinic and are availed by many patients since 15 years. Ayurvedic treatment of dry hair and other complaints involve oral medicines and panchkarma treatments like basti, shirobasti, shirodhara, shiro abhyang, virechan and nasya which are conducted at clinic daily. Ayurvedic hair care treatment like basti, shirobyanga, shirodhara, nasya have become very popular nowadays and are in demand than simple oral medicines.

Ayurprevencia clinic is a well known hair clinic in pune which provides best ayurvedic hair fall and hair care treatment in Pune. Ayurprevencia clinic tailors treatment plan to recover from split ends, thin hair, dandruff, premature gray hair, dry and broken hair, hair loss and itchy scalp.

Ayurprevencia Clinic is known for hair loss treatment in pune and also for the correct diagnosis, management and treatment of hair loss that affects both adolescents and adults. Doctors from the clinic are experienced and practicing since more than 20 years. They are labeled as the best ayurvedic doctors in pune for hair loss.

Ayurprevncia advises to protect hair from the sun by wearing a hat in sun, from chemicals (such as chlorine) in swimming pools by washing them immediately, from products and treatments that make hair curly or straight or colorful, by avoiding them. These are the preventive majors advised for all hair ailments. Ayuprevencia clinic contributes to the best hair treatment in pune and to special shirodhara treatment for hair fall as well. So, visit our clinic to experience the best healing treatments.