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View Better (Ghee for eyes)

In ayurveda, ghee is used in many eye disorders. Pure or processed ghee is used for a process called 'Tarpana' to improve and strengthen the eye sight.

Ghee is good for the eyes as it helps in the functioning of the eyelids, extra ocular muscles, and tear. External and internal use of Ghee has been shown to play a significant role in the treatment of eye disorders, such as glaucoma. Ayurved consultants recommend putting one drop of lukewarm liquid ghee in each eye at bedtime for burning sensations. It not only soothes, but also strengthens the eyes and can help improve vision.

It also provides nourishment to eye muscles. We advise a ghee massage daily with the help of little fingers around the eyes, on eyelids. Sometimes we ask patients to soak the sterile gauzes in this ghee and to keep them on eyelids for some time for some eye ailments. Avoid use of ghee for eyes without doctor's prescription.