P A N C H K A R M A   


It is the fifth treatment in line. It helps in clearing the dosha residing in the deep tissue & is the best remedial solution for Rakta shuddhi.Rakt is an important dhatu in our body. It cures the diseases related to vitiation of rakt dhatu. Two methods are used for raktamokshan therapy. They are Siravedh – in which blood is drawn upto 30 to 100 ml with the help of intracath from a vein. It is applied in the systemic or generalised disease. Jaloukavcharan – in which blood is drawn with the help of leeches to cure localised diseases or pain. Raktamokshan cures skin diseases, headaches, acute pain at localised sites, psoriasis, gout, Leprosy, Leucoderma, Depigmentation, Haemorrhoids, Pruritis, Spleen disorders, Mouth ulcers etc.


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