P R O D U C T S   

Garbhposhak Vati

Ayurveda has mentioned herbal decoctions to ensure proper growth and development of the foetus in each month of pregnancy and are given to pregnant mother.

Garbhposhak Vati is recommended for every woman who has normal pregnancy and is prescribed in the second and third trimesters. Many pregnant mothers have consumed these tablets and have benefited by the same.

It contains various herbs which are brain, muscle, bone, skin, hair tonics, blood purifiers, antioxidants in nature. These herbs are cool, sweet in taste. They promote longevity, improve eyesight and voice, enhance colour and complexion, develop strength and immunity. They check bleeding in mothers and help foetus to improve memory, promote mental growth and support for smooth, supple skin, nourish muscles, bones in natural way. Pregnant woman should consume these tablets with milk and ghee.

Above medicine should not be consumed without doctor's advice.