T R E A T M E N T  

Beauty & Skin Care

We offer skin treatment services to our patients that help them in having a disease free , glowing skin. Moreover, regular preventive treatments, reduce the formation of pimples, scars and other skin ailments. In addition, our beauty treatments also help in counteracting the effects of pollution. We treat Acne(Pimples), Herpes Zoster, Blemishes, Fresh Scars, Dark Circles, Eye Strain, Cracked Heels, Lip ailments, Vitiligo, leprosy, Eczema, Scabies, etc at the clinic.

If your skin is feeling tired and environmental damage has started to take its toll, be sure of this: we will rejuvenate it. As humans age, the structural integrity of the skin is compromised, resulting in thinner skin, wrinkles and capillary damage. We help in the preventing premature aging of skin.


Ayurvedic Skin Care Treatment in Pune