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Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Aundh

Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Aundh Pune - Dr. Anagha Kothadia

Dr. Anagha Kothadia runs Ayurprevencia Clinic in Pune, India since 1996.

Completed her graduation and post graduation (MD Ayurved) from "Tilak Ayurved College", Pune, India.

Studied under a renowned Vaidya for twelve years, the gurukul way.

Extensive research work in the field of Ayurveda (specially in diabetes and menopause)

Studied preparations of a variety of traditional medicines from an old and genuine Vaidya in Nasik.

Has small manufacturing unit of Ayurvedic medicines in Pune.

Developed various medications through research like Oils, Balms, Facepacks, Ointments, Tablets and Arkas for different ailments.

Consults at Pune and prescribes Ayurvedic Medicines largely in the field of Chronic Ailments like Asthma, Arthritis, Ulcerative colitis, Diabetes, Obesity, Osteoporosis, Hypertension, Hair Care, Beauty & Skin Care, Women Care and Life style Diseases.

Keen interest in Yoga Therapy and has been a Student of B.K.S.Iyengar Yoga Institute, Pune.

Dr. Anagha Kothadia holds masters degree in ayurvedic medicines and has experience of 20 years in this field. Her consultation and health services are available at Aundh, Pune. She has learned basic principles of Ayurved from well known Vaidya from Pune and has learned manufacturing of ayurvedic medicines from Nashik based Vaidya Datar Shastri. She has developed ayurvedic medicines, cosmetics with varied combinations according to the need of patients.

Her approach has been towards patient-centered medicine and patient-oriented research which helped in improving health outcomes for individual patients. She worked in the field of Diabetes which is called as Prameha in Ayured while doing her post graduation (MD) and derived a few objective methods to diagnose the types of Prameha / Diabetes described by Achary Charak. This hard work helped her throughout her practice to diagnose and to select the drug accurately.

According to her, health as “a state of complete physical,mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” She focuses on 5 domains: pure form of medicines, regimen, yoga or exercise, sleep, and mood. Are patients getting 150 minutes of aerobic exercise a week? Are they eat meals according to the Ahara Niyam explained in age old texts of ayurved? Do they follow dincharya and rutucharya in daily routine? Are they within a calorie amount appropriate for their height, weight, gender, and age? Are they getting 7 hours of sleep? Do they feel down or depressed? Do they do activities that give them pleasure?

She is very keen about patient’s physical as well as mental health and healthy life style. She also suggests health tips which patient can easily adopt for a better healthy lifestyle. She not only advices Ayurvedic medicines but also provides Yoga therapy and teaches meditation techniques for mental peace. She conducts free yoga session for patients once in a week to develop awareness towards mental health and yoga.

Currently she is involved in a clinical trial intended to prove the efficacy of an ayurvedic medicine in the treatment of menopausal symptoms. She also runs menopause clinic in Pune since two and half years.

Her Ayurvedic Treatment and heath care guidance also emphasis on prevention of diseases, especially for life style diseases because ayurveda does not stand simply for the cure of certain diseases in individuals. For prevention of diseases, the measures described in detail are Dinacharya, Ritucharya, Ratricharya and Sadvritta. She has set a triple aim - better care for individuals and their life style, better health for everyone, and lower costs.

So, Consult to Dr. Anagha Kothadia, best Ayurvedic Doctor in Aundh Pune. Contact us at 9766707516 in advance to ensure we can accommodate your schedule. Specific types of appointments can be scheduled on the same day.

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Ayurprevencia Clinic is an ayurvedic clinic in Pune, treating patients with care. This clinic has exhibited the most effective results in ayurvedic treatments & panchkarma therapies with over 21 years of experience and, of course; with the most affordable cost. Ayurprevencia Ayurvedic Clinic also helps patients to relax and unwind with various luxurious body treatments such as oil massage, udwartan, shirodhara etc in Pune. We offer Panchkarma / cleansing programmes according to the ailments of the patients. So schedule your visit to experience a health giving, restorative, mitigative treat at Ayurprevencia Ayurvedic Clinic, Pune.