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Beauty & Skin Care

We offer skin treatment services to our patients that help them in having a disease free , glowing skin. Moreover, regular preventive treatments, reduce the formation of pimples, scars and other skin ailments. In addition, our beauty treatments also help in counteracting the effects of pollution. We treat Acne(Pimples), Herpes Zoster, Blemishes, Fresh Scars, Dark Circles, Eye Strain, Cracked Heels, Lip ailments, Vitiligo, leprosy, Eczema, Scabies, etc at the clinic.

If your skin is feeling tired and environmental damage has started to take its toll, be sure of this: we will rejuvenate it. As humans age, the structural integrity of the skin is compromised, resulting in thinner skin, wrinkles and capillary damage. We help in the preventing premature aging of skin.

Life isn’t perfect always bur your skin care should be. Ayurprevencia clinic treats various challenges faced by the healthy skin and various skin disease. Our clinic provides ayurvedic medicines, cosmetics helping in their cure. We provide special skin care panchkarma treatments like udwartana, abhyang, swedan, paind swed, basti, nasya etc and 100 % pure ayurvedic products like creams, moisturizers, skin glowing ceam, winter care creams.

Ayurprevencia is the best skin clinic based in Aundh, Pune provides customized skin care, beauty care based on Ayurveda to regain the healthy and youthful skin. It offers special result oriented skincare and beauty care programs and products.Ayurprevencia has doctors who are skilled doctors and trained aesthetician.

Ayurprevencia has best ayurvedic skin specialist in pune, aundh and uses total natural, high quality ingredients, and every treatment program is customized to according to the specific needs of the skin and symptoms to help you reach your goals quickly.

There are several skin conditions that are chronic in nature . Skin conditions like eczema, acne, vitiligo, herpes zoster, summer rash (prickly heat), sun burns, skin allergies, chapped lips, eye strain, urticaria, itching, leprosy are treated in the clinic traditionally.

Clinic is well known for finest skin specialist in aundh and offers beauty care treatment for signs of aging, sun damage, oily skin, dry skin, pigmentation, open skin pores, dark circles, stretch marks, blemishes etc. It also manufactures and provides facepacks, creams, tablets, decoctions, ayurvedic oils for skin.

Ayurprevencia rejuvenates the skin with the help of medicines and ayurvedic facials. Here at Ayurprevencia Clinic there is a good news for all. Clinic offers specialized facials designed to treat your specific skin condition. For example facials for damaged skin to develop it as fresh and glowing, facials for aging, acne and facials for dry skin, tanned skin, dark circles, dark spots, black heads etc.

Clinic treats skin to minimize acne symptoms and prevent future breakouts. It highly recommends acne-specific treatments such as acne cure and prevention for teens and adults.

Ayurprevencia has special complexion improving, ageing preventing, pigmentation reducing remedies and treatment programmes. Strechmarks are tears or scars in the dermis. Ayurprevencia treats the stretch marks with the help of oral medicines, oil massage and udvartan.It also conducts panchakarma treatment for above various skin conditions. It educates patients regarding skin health.

Ayurprevencia treats pigmentation, tanning with the help of plants which inhibits the same. These medicines protect the skin from UV radiation, enhance the complextion, reduce the dark spots after acne, prevent premature aging, fade the pigmentation, maintain the body immune system, protect from environmental as well as internal stressors that cause skin damage and hyper-pigmentation. Treatments introduced by Ayurprevencia are safe due to their use of natural ingredients.

Clinic also treats large pores which are result of oily skin and excess secretion of sebum. These conditions do get cured with the help of plants and their formulations. So, develop, hydrate, tone, glow and smoothen your skin with the help of treatments offered by Ayurprevencia Clinic, Pune.

Through authentic treatments, trusted doctors, and the use of carefully selected ayurvedic products, patients achieve optimal results at an affordable price. So, schedule a consultation today and get started, Ayurprevencia is committed to help you in achieving healthy skin!


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